Tuesday, October 12, 2010

3 months!

Rylee is 3 months old today!!! So hard to  believe!

Here is a run through on a few of her milestones:
  1. Lifts her head high when on her belly
  2. Talks constantly
  3. Stands when holding onto someone
  4. Can grasp all sorts of things - her favorite is my hair
  5. Big smiles
  6. Rolls to her side
2 weeks

12 weeks

Some of her favorite things lately include:
  1. Singing and rocking with dad
  2. Taking baths
  3. Hanging out in the buff
  4. Looking in the mirror
  5. Going on mid-morning walks
  6. Distracting everyone during church with all of her cuteness
  7. Chomping on her fists & our fingers
Happy birthday Ry!!!!!!!!!

until next time,
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