Saturday, September 11, 2010

who knew.

I still haven't grown out of not taking advice for my own good. I have heard it from the world: that time will fly, to sleep when she sleeps, to cherish each moment because before your know it they are gone, and take care of yourself or it will catch up with you.

You'd think I'd learn.

Time has flown by! Looking at pictures I can hardly believe it was just 8 weeks ago that she was just that tiny little thing.

Now she seems soo grown up.

I am working harder to cherish each and every moment, even the crying and stinky diaper moments. I am beginning to realize just how right everyone was when they said "they're not little for long..." and she's not even to her 2 month birthday yet!! As far as taking care of myself...the days of fevers/headaches/chills + body ache... Well I am hoping those are all behind me. Me has turned into a much lesser priority, making this a bit more of a challenge... but as her "bread basket" (one sweet lady referred to me as) I do put more effort in that department.

This ride has been fast and scary, but more fun than anything else in this world! I feel like now more than ever we are truly learning how to do life.

Until next time,

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