Wednesday, September 22, 2010

picture wall

I have nothing on our walls yet - mostly because we have COLOR on our walls, and I am being very picky about where I put holes in the wall...

I have been drooling over all sorts of things to put up (again with the indecisiveness) but I keep coming back to doing a photo wall. Not your grandma's kind of photo wall, but better! (fyi: I adore my Grandma's photo wall.)

After researching and clicking over all sorts of different framing and design options I found this nifty site - - this site does it all for you, all the frames are ready matted and sized to fit into one tight display on the matching and measuring of frames and space to get the look you want & best of all it comes with a template to use before hanging so there will be no un-needed holes in my colored walls!

So indecisive me has decided! just to get Jer to agree to pay for it :)

until next time,
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