Saturday, April 12, 2014


We made it through winter with barely a runny nose and just as I was giving my self a mommy high five I turned around just in time to see our first victim getting sick on her dinner plate.

Ry and Jackson got a hold of the stomach bug and it held on tight here for 3 days... the same 3 days that Jeremy was gone to the mountains for a backpacking trip with a buddy. We all made it through until daddy got home and shared his cold with us and then fell victim himself to the stomach bug.

Just as everyone seemed to be on the mend (for an entire day!) Jackson started running fever and after taking him into the DR we found out he has strep. Kicking us while we're down. Jeremy was not far behind, just today he went into a clinic not feeling well and found out he has strep and a sinus infection.

Mom is a little worn out. I love spring time so this is just torturous for everyone to be out of sorts around here. The swing set and playhouse are just calling to be played with!

Rylee is doing great, back to her old self now. Jackson is starting to come around and act a little more Jackson today, hopefully tomorrow he'll be back to himself.  Jeremy feels worse today than he has all week.

I'm so thankful for the incredible mom genes that seem to keep you immune from everything while you live in a germ-y house full of 3 other sick people. But I'm SO so ready for everyone to be back to their normal healthy active selves!

We are set to leave for LTC this weekend. Praying we get healthy and stay healthy through our little trip!

Until next time,
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