Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter!

Our Easter weekend we spent in Dallas at the LTC conference with our youth group. Even though our weekend is full of traveling and running from event to event at the conference Jeremy and I still try very hard to give Rylee and Jackson a fun weekend.

It is hard to tell by their facial expressions that they did actually have a fun weekend. I don't think I have a single picture of them both smiling... Just keeping it real. They really did have a great time though. Rylee would have been pleased if riding in the big van with all the big kids was the extent to the trip. We also met up with Mimi and Papa while we were there and they spent Saturday playing with them in the big hotel... which mom and dad enjoyed very much too :)

Easter morning the kids opened their Easter baskets on our hotel bed, we all got ready for church and then had breakfast in our room with the youth group. For church we worshiped together with hundreds of other people in the hotels beautiful ballroom as different selected youth lead us in singing and shared their speeches with us. It is such an encouragement to see young people (the youngest was a third grader) utilizing their talents for the Kingdom. 

After church we snapped a quick group photo, recruited all the boys to load up our van and took a few family pictures. We hid eggs in the hotels beautiful park and Rylee and Jackson got to work!

We had a great weekend and a fun trip home, even in the 2 hours we sat still in construction traffic on the interstate. Man, our kids are really awesome. They didn't cry, whine or complain the whole trip home... perhaps a youth group in the car is the key to traveling with toddlers? ... or is it the awesome parenting? ... I think its just our kids, they totally rock!

Last quarter I taught Rylee's class at Sunday School and we spent our time talking about the Good News! The kids learned about Jesus and what the Gospel is, and the end is the most exciting part! He died on the cross for our sins, but He rose from the dead! It is so exciting to be able to start making those connections with her and showing her that there is a much bigger reason than candy and pretty outfits to be excited about Easter! 

It was a Happy Easter for us! 

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