Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Rylee and I have started back to school! I am going to be teaching two days a week this year at a children's day out program. While I am teaching on those days Rylee will go with me and get to be in her own classroom!

I am really excited for Rylee to be able to enjoy a little more social interaction with kiddos her own age, and I am also excited that I will be getting to step back into a classroom for a couple days a week!

The first week has been an adjustment: waking up to an alarm clock, not seeing Rylee for 5 hours durring the day, packing a lunch, etc. Despite the struggle to get out of bed in the morning I think that this will be a good opportunity for both of us! 

We were both still very sleepy 

 but very excited

and Rylee has her own backpack!

I am excited to see what this school year has in store for us!

until next time,
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