Monday, September 26, 2011

busy hands

Here is another one of our busy hands creations for our time in the kitchen!

We always have music playing, typically we are listening to a veggie tales station on Pandora.  Rylee loves listening to all sorts of new music & sounds, and she loves to bop, bounce, and dance along. 

For the longest time she has been rolling around this big clunky container of popcorn kernels, there is where I found my  inspiration.

Rylee is always playing with our Tupperware & plastic containers, so I used this one that happened to be in her drawer!

I figured the time she'd learn to pop off the lid would be the time I put popcorn kernels in the container, so hot glue was a must.

We have made several variations of this, I made several using old bottles (at least she's getting some use out of them!) I also used pinto beans. She loves playing with all of them, and especially when I have the music going she shakes & rattles right along to the Mozart? perhaps.

until next time,
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