Thursday, May 20, 2010

No greater gift

Just yesterday Jer and I were out and about doing some shopping and we stopped by Mardels to look at some ministry books etc. While we were shopping around we both got the usual comments: "Oh how far along are you?" "You look so cute!" "Boy or girl?" etc...

I was particularly touched by what one older man said to us after asking if this was our first and making other casual small talk. He made remarks about what an exciting event having children is and then said very boldly:

"Asside from salvation, there is no greater gift"

Jeremy and I smiled and responded graciously for this mans kind words of wisdom and continued shopping. For me, however, I could not get this strangers words out of my mind. What truth he had said and passed on to two soon-to-be parents.

With all of the preparation and excitement taking place in time for the baby it is sometimes easy to become distracted with all of the To-Do lists of pregnancy and bringing a child into this world. It was such an encouragement to be reminded that we have not only been given the gift of God's son, our Savior, but now He is entrusting us with a child of our own.

What an awesome gift. What an Awesome God.

Untl next time,
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