Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eggplant Baby

I am 27 weeks with child and she is now as big as an eggplant!!! I can feel our little eggplant kicking all over the place in there! It is so reassuring, but beginning to become quite uncomfortable...she doesn't let me have poor posture or I get a kick in the ribs! I love to just sit back and watch my big belly ripple as she moves around - At night when she is most active Jer and I play "Guess that body part" Was that her head, or her leg, or an arm or elbow?

(Picture and info from here)

This week our baby is soaking up my antibodies and preparing her immune system for the outside world. Her eyes are nearly fully developed and she will start blinking soon! Her little heartbeat is becoming so strong that if you put your ear to my belly and listen really carefully you can actually hear her heartbeat!

The big day is only about 13 weeks away! Outrageous!!!

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