Friday, December 20, 2013

Polar Express

On Monday night we made a trip to Lubbock to take the kids on the Polar Express. Jackson LOVES trains so it was so much fun to see how excited he was when we drove up! I love the expressions on his face in these pictures!

I love Jackson's excited smile in the picture! 

We asked a kind man sitting across from us to get our picture...this was the best one! 

Hot Cocoa 

I was so surprised at Rylee, she is typically very very shy around new people. But when the elves and Santa came onto the train she came right out of her shell and talked and talked to them! 

Ry has been pretty worried after seeing Santa because she forgot to tell him that she wanted baby doll stuff, she was so excited she said all she told him she wanted was a baby doll. We've reassured her that he's pretty good about knowing what to get little girls for Christmas ;)

Still so shocked at this outgoing little girl giving Santa a big hug!

We all had such a great time! Christmas is soo much more fun when you have kids :)

until next time,
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