Thursday, September 27, 2012

best friends

I wasn't there to witness (and the hubs didn't record the hem) but the story goes like this:

For a couple of weeks we had been telling Rylee that her Grandma (Mimi) was coming to visit, she was excited (understatement). Jeremy and Rylee drove to the airport and waited for her to arrive.  Her plane had come in and everyone was making there way down the escalator and over to the baggage claim. As soon as Jeremy spotted his mom, he pointed her out to Rylee. Without a blink Rylee took off in full toddler sprint across the airport baggage claim squealing with excitement and arms spread open wide to greet her beloved Mimi. A moment straight out of some sappy Folgers commercial. Rylee loves her Mimi.

From that moment, and like all other visits, they have been inseparable. They play all day long, anything and everything.

We love Mimi.

until next time,
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