Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I hate hearing myself always use the phrase "We've been busy" but I'm going to use it again, and to be honest it feels like an understatement.

Life has been a whirlwind lately, between ministry, work, and our growing to-do list before the baby arrives we have been in constant go mode. (blogging has been on the list, but at the bottom.) The month of May looks just as busy as the rest of 2012 has looked, only difference is that this month I'm seeing it through the eyes of a 36 week pregnant lady (substitute pregnant with: tired, irritable, uncomfortable, etc.)

We have seen the inside of a hotel room every month this year and May is going to follow the trend. I'm really not complaining about that... I like hotels, they clean up after you and usually have a better breakfast than I prepare. I will complain about the hours spent in a car. I hate swollen feet.

According to the big day countdown app I have on my phone we have only 37 days until baby Mr. will be here! I am soo very ready, and soo very not all at the same time.

Perhaps some day I will give you a look inside to some of the busy projects that have been soaking up our time lately!

until next time,

PS: Rylee has only grown smarter, cuter, and even more sweet in the lapse of time I have ignored updating you all. Perhaps more to come about all of that as well!

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