Sunday, January 15, 2012


After the New Year we packed our bags and flew to sunny Florida to spend some time with Jeremy's family.  We flew into Ft. Lauderdale and then drove down to Key Largo. Rylee did amazing through the airport and through the flights. We had a total of 3 take offs and landings before arriving and Rylee never once fussed.

 perfect weather for bike rides!

she was a little unsure about the creature on her leg...

 Ry loved hanging out with her Aunt Heather!

She was unsure about the fan boat at first, but she came around! 


southernmost point

our little beach baby

Kayaking. This was so much fun to go exploring through the mangroves.

We had a great trip, it was very refreshing to visit a warm and luscious green environment. At the same time it's good to be home. We need to find a little more structure and routine in our lives... even if that doesn't exist in my laundry room. (Laundry really is an impossible mountain to climb for me...literally) Rylee, though she had so much fun on the trip is also very glad to be back home. She was so glad to see her bedroom and all of her toys when we got back, it was too cute.

Thankful for our time away, and thankful to be back home. 

until next time,
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