Monday, November 22, 2010


I've neglected to sit down at the computer for the last couple weeks to do anything but update our checkbook & pay bills...(and maybe order a few Christmas presents :) )

Here are some of the highlights of our life lately:
  1. Rylee has mastered the roll over
  2. Enjoyed the visit of several very beloved house guests
  3. Our house is now completely bricked
  4. Christmas shopping for Rylee - Funnest thing ever.
  5. ate lots of sushi
  6. The beginning of paying back student loans - barf
  7. Bought a pumpkin roll to help a sweet boy raise money for medical camp - YUM
  8. Rylee has been introduced to mushy avocados
  9. and most recently broke my iPhone.
Thats our life as of now!

until next time,
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