Wednesday, June 2, 2010

color mood

Since we are moving into our first home in August we are finally getting a choice in wall color! While we are so excited about this, it has also been a challenge in narrowing down our crazy creative thoughts into one color scheme.

Color can have mood altering affects on a room, that being the reason for color choice in places like hospitals, restraunts, spas, and businesses.

which can represent peace, tranquility, order, cleanliness, stability and conservatism. It is also said to slow the pulse rate, lower body temperature and reduce appetite.

representing nature, health, youth, vigor, inexperience, envy and jealousy. Soothing and calming and said to have healing powers (maybe why surgeons wear green in operating rooms...)

expresses energy and is used for attention getting purposes symbolic of balance, flamboyancy, enthusiasm and vibrancy.

associated with danger, strength, violence, anger, and desire. Evokes a fight response and can raise blood pressure as well as heart rate.

joy, happiness, optimism, cowardice, betrayal, imagination, and inspiration are all expressed through yellow. Often is symbolic of friendship.

very insightful. Now what mood do I want our home to have?...

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